The need for constant advertising and branding activities

 The need for constant advertising and branding activities
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Vijayaraj Anirudhan, State General Secretary, Sign Printing Industries Association (SPIA)

I believe a product or service can be sold successfully only with strong advertising backup. The main feature of OOH over other mediums is durability. Consider newspaper or TV ads, the moment you close it, the visibility of it ends. The impact of display advertising or OOH is entirely different. Imagine there are 40 outdoor displays of a particular product in the 85 km road from Thrissur to Kochi, by the time you finish reaching your destination the product will have got into the mind of a consumer / traveller. 

Advertising and branding activities during Covid 19

Branding should be innovative and creative during this period. I believe the coming months will be a period for survival as an OOH solutions provider. We should introduce more innovative ways in branding and advertising. One innovative way is advertising around the sanitizer disposer machine. Say around 35-45k, advertising companies will be able to even mount a LED TV on this sanitizer disposer machine unit. Now authorities have put sanitizer disposer machines in public places as well as at the entry point of many business houses and organisations. We are now quite sure that the impact of Covid 19 will last at least for 1 or 2 years. People are now getting ready to live with caution amidst Covid 19 threat. The impact on the public specifically designed sanitizer disposer machine units will be higher in the coming days. I’m quite sure that the visibility traffic of this new product will be really good. Many organisations and groups like Charity clubs, Rotary Club and Lions Club are sponsoring more than 1000 sanitizer disposer machines which can be installed and used at the public places. It again increases the opportunity to effectively reach consumers. 

Arnon editor

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