The emergence of Digital Out of Home Advertising

 The emergence of Digital Out of Home Advertising
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The traditional Out of Home Advertising (OOH) mainly invested on billboards, hoardings, posters and other forms. But with the technological developments and growth of social media has triggered the growth of Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOH)

With the digital advancements, the traditional OOH scenario is now facing a bigger competition. The digital elements undoubtedly add more visual attraction from the traditional OOH. Besides, they are interactive- a feature traditional OOH can never boast. DOOH is fast replacing the traditional OOH with digital billboards, digital hoardings, digital signage and display screens. 
Proper research must be conducted to learn the consumer behaviour and to target the right audience for the brand.

The advantages of opting for DOOH over traditional OOH is manifold like enhanced creativity and targeting, constant traffic, better visibility, and many more attention-grabbing elements. Unlike the traditional OOH which required a lot of human-effort for implementation, DOOH is easy and updates are just a click away. It allows you to monitor, track, modify, manage and display content at your own discretion and in real-time as well. With the growing demand by the audience for faster and more personalised content that is accessible on-the-go. The digital out of home advertising fits right in the picture as it perfectly satisfies these demands with greater effect and efficiency. And it is not possible with out-of-home offline advertising. Locations are important while choosing DOOH installation. Places like shopping malls, city centers, railway stations, bus stands, commercial hubs, markets, etc allow maximum exposure. Proper research must be conducted to learn the consumer behaviour and to target the right audience for the brand.

Another advantage of choosing DOOH is about the content. The role played by the content in any advertising is unparalleled as it is what consumers are attracted to and engage with. Dynamic and creative content can be utilised in DOOH platform while traditional OOH has many limitations. Based on the audience insights, display locations, demographics, seasons, trends, and many more details you can display more personalised and influential content to the audience. Brands can even aggregate, moderate and display user generated content as part of their DOOH campaign by using social media contentaggregation and various display tools. To get higher engagement, displaying user generated content is helpful. Research shows that as consumers feel more rewarded, gratified and tend to trust the authenticity of the advertising message. It could also help you to be more creative and to come up with unique content as you are exposed to diverse audience groups and different perspectives for the same product and brand.

DOOH provides an all-in-one solution for advertising in both offline and online spectrum through digital signages and display screens along with social media networks. As the social media feeds and content is displayed along with promotional messages, it has a link to both online environment through social media and offline through displaying these feeds and promotions on display screens and digital signages at events, public spaces, and much more. This comes without any additional effort or resource investments whereas in traditional OOH you might need to prepare something else for online promotion other than the offline material. Maximum advertising touchpoints will result in maximised exposure and audience engagement.
Personalisation is another feature of DOOH. It is a key element of present day advertising as it shapes the consumers’ initial experience with the brand. Though the global scenario is far more advanced offering offline personalisation with artificial intelligence and recognition, India is yet to make wide use of this in the advertising scenario. In the global scenario, the experimentation in personalisation is continuing with more advanced technologies like recognition technology with features like sentiment recognition, behaviour analysis, facial expression analysis, and image recognition along with digital out of home advertising is providing an unmatchable offline environment. 

DOOH advertising also wins where online display advertisements fail. Most people find that online advertisement as a menace as it often pops up inadvertently during the internet or browsing experience. DOOH on the other hand can effectively overcome this with the potential of creating awareness, exposure and driving engagement. The strategic placement of DOOH also helps in it like in the railway stations or bus stops or shopping malls where people might have time either waiting for their bus or train or during their shopping. Expressive, informational and customised advertisements through DOOH can work here.
Another area which works in favour of DOOH is the cost involved in setting up a traditional OOH. It is a time consuming thing with the requirement of skilled laborers. DOOH on the other hand has only the installation charges although the cost of screen and setup could be a bit high. But they are non-recurring. Each and every time a new advertising campaign is introduced, you don’t have to change or print it. Updates and changes can be made with the help of a click. There is only minimal cost, effort and time required.

DOOH on the other hand can effectively overcome this with the potential of creating awareness, exposure and driving engagement.

DOOH is sure to grow in the future as technological advancements are many now. With integrated digital elements for better exposure, reach and engagement it will be the choice for brands and advertisers in the future. More and more OOH solution providers will also turn
into digital to embrace this growth. Digital displays with interactivity, creativity, and engagement value for the audience at high-audience traffic hub spots could be valuable assets to the brands. There are still many possibilities and unopened doors that can be explored to find new implementations, targeting hubs, creative customisations, and effective advertising by implementing Digital out-of-home advertisements.

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