Say hello to the joyous season of branding!- Christmas is the season

 Say hello to the joyous season of branding!- Christmas is the season
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deCember is here and with it Comes the joys and thrills of the world’s favourite festive season. it’s a time for gifts and Celebrations. needless to say, popular brands have been eagerly antiCipating the holiday season

Christmas is the season of giving and receiving. Apart from celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, in the west, it is a joyful occasion to remember Santa Claus who is said to bring gifts to all the children. In the Western Christmas culture, Santa Claus and the gifts play a prominent part which they remember through putting up gifts to all family members on the Christmas Tree. It has become almost an inevitable tradition and all family members look forward
to the moment, eager to receive gifts. It makes Christmas one of the peak season sales for both retailers and e-commerce companies. In the United States, it has been calculated that
a quarter of all personal spending takes place during the Christmas/ holiday shopping season. You will be bewildered to know that various banks in the US had a separate savings programs during the time of Great Depression called ‘Christmas Clubs’
in which customers deposit a set

Special festival season ads for Christmas or New Year Season will help in instilling a spirit of celebration among the people

amount of money each week into a special savings account and receive the money back at the end of the year solely for Christmas shopping.

Picking up the tradition of gift- giving, in India, sales witness a dramatic growth during the period. The branding and marketing activities by the companies start from the beginning of December to lure customers to
their products. Some companies plan their activities targeting the New Year Season also as it comes soon after Christmas. In India however the most peak season for sales happen during Diwali and it is considered higher
and more intense than the Christmas season in the US. Yet, the growth factor in sales during Christmas season and

New Year season is not something to be ignored for the companies that focus on branding and marketing.

Festive season, a time for branding and marketing!

Apart from clothing, electronic appliances including mobile phones, Christmas is a time which witness massive sales of products like cakes, cupcakes, wine and chocolates. In the West however the trend is more for toys and videogames, musical albums which witness high sales during the time of Christmas apart from the clothing and electronic appliances.
In India, areas with a large number
of Christians, unorganised units
selling ready-made Christmas trees, decorations for the Christmas tree, ready-made Christmas cribs, Christmas stars and led lights also witness good sales. Christmas trees are inevitable for Christmas celebrations and the latest trend is pre-decorated Christmas trees which happens to be a popular choice among people as it saves their time

and effort. Since there are no major brands involved and the manufacturers are mostly local players there is no authentic data available of the sales volume during the period. Chinese products are also widely available making it more complicate.

Christmas cakes are one of the best-selling item during Christmas. There are several national brands which aim the festive season for branding Christmas cakes so as to make the best out of the season. Elite, a national plum cakes manufacturer is one of the undisputed leader, as far as the production and sales of plum cakes during the time of Christmas. Being one of the largest plum cake manufacturing units in the country, Elite has the capacity to produce over 2500 tons per annum. In fact, in Kerala and other parts of South India, Christmas, today has become synonymous with Elite plum cakes. Elite successfully markets its products across 5 continents and more than 10 countries. The production and processing base is based in Kerala and the company is planning further expansions.

Modern Foods Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is another prominent player in the country selling plum
cakes. Owned by Everstone Capital Modern Foods Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., it primarily focuses on the production of breads. Cupcakes, cookies and chocolates are some of the other items which has got good sales during the period. Home-made cakes is another category which sees a growth during Christmas season.

Tips for branding during Christmas season

Attractive Christmas Packaging

People always have a tendency to look out for
new products. The Christmas season is something which people get to spend with the family. It is here the importance of Christmas packaging comes. It shouldreflect the mood of Christmas which will create a feeling that the product is new and prepared exclusively for Christmas or New Year Season. Many shop ownerslaunch their special Christmas packaging during the festival time. It will lift away the monotonous nature
of the packaging. The mood of festival should be effectively reflected with the right choice of different colours in the packaging. Customers must be able to

Different sets of unique wrapping designs especially for bakery, clothing products will attract more customers

catch the vibe of freshness in the packaging. Different sets of unique wrapping designs especially for bakery, clothing products will attract more customers. Chances are high that the customers might remember the special brand if the packaging and unique wrapping creates an impression in their mind. Decorating the showroom for the occasion will also create a good impression among the customers. What you will get is loyal customers who will look out for the particular brand or shop the next year during Christmas or New Year season.

Announcing Christmas/ New Year Special Ads

One shouldn’t turn any stone unturned for brand promotion or marketing! Special festival season ads for Christmas or New Year Season will help in instilling aspirit of celebration among the people. Since Christmas/ New Year is a time which calls for celebration, most family members will be in home. If you run ads during this time, chances that you will get more viewers is rather high. The ads should definitely be colourful reflecting the mood of the season. Quite effective will be those ads which reflect the feelings of merriment and luxury. Adding Christmas advertising slogans is another way to have a better impact on the buyers. Social media is another way to take your Christmas campaigns to the masses especially the youth.

Christmas discounts

Who doesn’t love a discount? Christmas / New
Year season is a good time to boost sales by offering discounts. There are people who plan to do their shopping when discounts are announced. So, it is
sure to work out. Superb discounts will automatically magnetise people towards your brand stores even
if they don’t have any plan to purchase and end up purchasing. Offering discounts should be advertised so as to catch the most. Offering Christmas / New Year giftspecials is another thing which can be tried out during the occasion.

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