Innovations are galore in the world of OOH. No other media has got the reach of OOH and advertisers use it to their advantage

 Innovations are galore in the world of OOH. No other media has got the reach of OOH and advertisers use it to their advantage
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It’s all about being creative

Billboard advertising is still going strong. It is one of the most relevant and effective ways to get the message across. According to a study conducted, billboards are also effective in communicating new things to people which influences purchasing decisions. 

As more and more vehicles hit the road and traffic congestions increase people are forced to spend more time in their vehicles on the road. Billboards which are installed near to the roads will catch the attention of travellers as they can’t do anything else. Statistics show that in a developed country like USA, people are forced to spend at least 20 hours in the car each week and cover about 200 miles. More than 70% responded that they often look at billboards while 35% claimed to look at them each or most the time they pass one. More than half learned about an event they wanted to go to, more than half found about a restaurant they wanted to eat at, more than half saw something they used as fodder for conversation. A few responders mentioned how they tried a TV show after they saw the billboard ad. Another set of responders mentioned how they took a phone number or a website address of a site which they saw on a billboard.

The expansion of DOOH has helped the growth of OOH. 

Pic 1: Dummy on billboards is a trick tried and tested. It all depends on how good you can get the dummy attractive and it catches the viewers’ attention. Nestle had made this kind of OOH advertisement for their Crunch chips. The OOH featured the dummy of large sized crunch chips creating a unique impression among the viewers. It also provides 3D like effect to the OOH which garners much attention from the passerby. 

Pic 2: In an ‘unusual billboard’ we see a man using his teeth to chew up the edge of the billboard. You can see that he has already ripped off the edge of the billboard with his teeth. Well, this was a billboard ad for toothpaste- Formula Tooth Care and was installed in Jakarta, Indonesia. Interestingly, the catch word of the toothpaste is- builds strong teeth! Is there a better way to incorporate this idea? The agency was able to incorporate the structure and materials of the billboard effectively into the ad.

3: This is a public service announcement installed in Portuguese asking the people to refrain from smoking. Although it isn’t a billboard ad, the pole pictured in the form of a cigarette in the street is sure to catch the attention of passerby.  At the tip of the cigarette they have put a sign saying ‘PARE’ which in Portuguese means to stop. Since it is in front of a pedestrian crossing, it can be read as a sign saying the drivers to stop their vehicle or the viewers to stop smoking. 

4. This creative advertising was for the promotion of an animation movie- Incredibles 2. The movie is of a superhero family where the dad, mum and the three kids have super powers and on the run to the save the world. The agency has creatively made use of the idea to put a dummy installation in the balcony of a house where the costumes of the hero and family are being dried out after washing. The advertisement also carries a text that in Spanish ‘Hemos vuelto’ which means that we are back reminding that is the second part of the popular movie. The installation also communicates the date from which the movie will hit the theatres. 

5. An ad about Pond’s facial wash. The catchword of the product is ‘cleans pore, fights pimples’. The ad features a giant pore and inside it as if someone trying to clean and fix the pore. The implied meaning is that when you use Pond’s facial wash it will start working to fix the pore in your face as soon as it is applied.

6. Movistar+ is the subscription platform for digital television which operates in Spain. Here the advertisement is about the screening of Klaus movie which will have an OTT release. The idea here is that you can watch the movie at the comfort of your home and sofa and don’t have to stand in line to collect the ticket for the premiere of the show.

7. Stanley is a well known brand for hand tools and storage products in the world. Their razor knives, tape measures and hammers are considered among the best. The ad appeared after the onslaught of the deadly Covid 19 pandemic when mask, sanitizer and social distancing became the new norms. Here they have conceptualised a perfect advertisement while effectively reminding the customers about the social distancing.

8. Laundry detergent brand Ariel had their billboard with no text apart from the brand name in the right corner end. Well, they believe the product conveys what they wanted to communicate. The whole billboard is in white colour and at the top there are two clips which makes it like the pure white cloth put on to dry up after washing with Ariel. This is a wonderful idea as the billboard is relatively free of any text or images and yet manages to convey the idea clearly. 

9. Fujifilm Instax, a mini instant print camera has put the ad creatively on an elevator at a busy shopping mall. The picture of the camera is placed at the entering area of the elevator and the revolving part carries several pictures as if coming through the print section of the camera. It is hard to miss the idea.

10. This one is an aggressive advertising. Everyone knows how the pandemic had made the year 2020 a hell ride. Many lost their lives and countries had to impose lockdown to control the spread of the pandemic. Whatever it is no one wants a year like 2020 again. Elpozo King Ham Sausage plays the popular feeling creatively through this billboard ad. The product featured here is Elpozo King Ham Sausage which might look provocative. The text reads F**King YEAR 2020 along with another sentence ‘hasta nunca’ which means ‘see you never again.’ The people might not have a different opinion considering how the pandemic affected the world. 

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