Interactive LED boards – flexible and responsive campaigns.

 Interactive LED boards – flexible and responsive campaigns.
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Many brands are also trying their hands on interactive LED boards to create a unique impression among the customers. Some of them are equipped with camera and sensors to interact with the target audience. With the pandemic many companies have made use of this to dispense hand sanitizer among the public without touching anywhere. The camera and motion sensors will detect and will automatically release sanitizer. A comparatively low end version of the same had a leg pedal to dispense the sanitizer to the public.

Digital signage on the rise

With the help of DOOH brands are now creating unique, flexible and responsive campaigns. They create campaigns that react to the market in real time, provide consumers with useful content and thus help brands build genuine connections and two-way conversations with their audience

The growing implementation of these technologies has emphasised OOH’s impact. LED billboards or the digital signage is on the rise as more and more brands/companies are trying to embrace this advertising format. They are a safe set for any brand/business which wants to create a unique impact.

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