Digital signage on the rise

 Digital signage on the rise
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With the help of DOOH brands are now creating unique, flexible and responsive campaigns. They create campaigns that react to the market in real time, provide consumers with useful content and thus help brands build genuine connections and two-way conversations with their audience

The growing implementation of these technologies has emphasised OOH’s impact. LED billboards or the digital signage is on the rise as more and more brands/companies are trying to embrace this advertising format. They are a safe set for any brand/business which wants to create a unique impact.

It allows much more creative messages and formats. It is no secret to anyone that originality is an essential requirement to attract the attention of passers-by. So, you do not need to give it up, it is essential to avoid time or format limitations. This is something that digital advertising billboards can offer you. With them, it is the advertiser who decides how to combine videos, photographs or text messages. Let your imagination run wild and give life to fresh ideas in digital billboards.

They are perfect to personalise the message. In an increasingly diversified and competitive market, offering advertising that is as close as possible to the needs and preferences of potential buyers is an irreplaceable aspect. This is what 94% of salespeople believe, which states that a personalised website is essential for success, according to a study. By using outdoor LED screens, unlike static advertising billboards, you can choose when and where to launch a specific information and advertisement, depending on the commercial target to which the brand is directed. For example, in the case of a product intended for children, the moments before going in or out of class may be the best option to impact the little ones and the family members who accompany them to school.

The number of announcements and messages that can be issued is unlimited. Forget the limitations of traditional signage, which is only suitable to broadcast a single ad during a given period. With LED billboards, it is possible to broadcast countless contents 24 hours a day.

They offer a long durability. Visual Led’s LED billboards have been designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, which contribute to lengthen its useful life and, therefore, the ROI (return on investment).

Provide higher quality than conventional television monitors. LED advertising screens provide a higher brightness and resolution than traditional monitors, ensuring that the message will be seen perfectly, even in broad daylight, when the sun hits the screen directly.

They represent an important saving. Discarding traditional signage substantially reduces the costs associated with conventional advertising. With LED advertising, it ended up having to hire personnel for the installation and removal of paper posters. With it, the contents can be programmed and managed remotely from any device with an Internet connection. Likewise, the energy expenditure of the LED is significantly lower than that of conventional luminous signs, which translates into a substantial reduction in the electricity bill. They are ideal for issuing third-party advertising. In this way, the company achieves additional income with which it will be much easier to guarantee the ROI.

In some cases, it isn’t even necessary to hire design professionals. Some companies provide software with its giant LED screens which enables the advertiser himself to create and program contents comfortably, without needing previous design or computer science knowledge. You can also seek professional help anytime if you feel so.

It is a type of advertising that cannot be avoided. Unlike what happens with online advertising, with which it is possible to use ad blockers to not see ads or close the advertising modules with a single click, and with television or radio, where you can change the channel when the commercials are on, billboards always impact whoever sees them, since they cannot be avoided. Due to its location and its dimensions, it is difficult for potential consumers to ignore the message. Even the waiting time at traffic lights can be a powerful ally to attract the eyes of thousands of people every day. After returning from work, which is a moment of the day when many users take advantage of their purchases, a LED billboard can be a powerful stimulus.

It can be combined with other types of advertising. However, you can also find other formats to strengthen their impact among potential consumers, such as LED totems, suitable for installation both inside and outside shopping centers; indoor LED screens, LED banners and luminous signs, increasingly present in a great number of commercial premises.

The recent trend shows that LED billboards as the medium of choice for small and medium brands or business contrary to the belief that LED billboards are just for large corporations. Gone are the times when only multinational businesses could afford to occupy a billboard. Today, digital advertising has democratised this type of outdoor media, putting it even within the reach of SMEs.

In addition, this type of advertising makes the consumer emotionally connect with the message. This increases and strengthens the knowledge of the brand (branding), which in the long run translates into greater prestige and greater sales opportunities.

Interactive LED boards

Many brands are also trying their hands on interactive LED boards to create a unique impression among the customers. Some of them are equipped with camera and sensors to interact with the target audience. With the pandemic many companies have made use of this to dispense hand sanitizer among the public without touching anywhere. The camera and motion sensors will detect and will automatically release sanitizer. A comparatively low end version of the same had a leg pedal to dispense the sanitizer to the public.

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