Kerala Government issues guidelines to LSG Department in erecting billboards in public places

 Kerala Government issues guidelines to LSG Department in erecting billboards in public places
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In the wake of accidents caused by the unauthorised hoardings and advertisement materials in the public places inserted by various agencies, organisations, institutions, political parties without the approval by LSG Department, Kerala Government has issued new guidelines to remove the unauthorised and restrict the erection of them in the public places

  • In an extra ordinary gazette, Kerala Government has enforced LSG (Local Self Governance) Departments to follow the guidelines in erecting billboards and other advertisement materials in the public places. The new guidelines prohibit the use of PVC flex or cloth with plastic coating in the advertisement materials or hoardings. Instead government authorised, eco-friendly and recyclable materials or cotton cloth must be used. The removal of hoardings or advertisement materials which violate these terms will be the responsibility of Secretary of respective LSG’s and field staff. Deliberate inaction by authorities in the removal of unauthorised materials will be subject to disciplinary action. 

The removed materials must be handed over to the respective parties who installed it instead of collecting it in the public waste disposal centres. LSG’s have the authority to fine and charge the parties of the expenses in the case of removing such advertisement materials or hoardings. The progress in removing the unauthorised advertisement materials and hoardings will be evaluated by Nodal Officers Urban Affairs Joint Director. They will also ensure that the removal process is in tune with the guidelines issued by the court order and the government order. 

Rates / fine according to the new guidelines

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