How to make OOH Inovation , What are the changes in Outdoor advertising in 2021

 How to make OOH Inovation , What are the changes in Outdoor advertising in 2021

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Innovations are galore in the world of OOH. No other media has got the
reach of OOH and advertisers use it to their advantage
Billboard advertising is still going strong. It is one of the most relevant and effective ways to get the
message across. According to a study conducted, billboards are also effective in communicating new
things to people which influences purchasing decisions.

As more and more vehicles hit the road and traffic congestions increase people are forced to spend
more time in their vehicles on the road. Billboards which are installed near to the roads will catch
the attention of travellers as they can’t do anything else. Statistics show that in a developed country
like USA, people are forced to spend at least 20 hours in the car each week and cover about 200
miles. More than 70% responded that they often look at billboards while 35% claimed to look at
them each or most the time they pass one. More than half learned about an event they wanted to
go to, more than half found about a restaurant they wanted to eat at, more than half saw something
they used as fodder for conversation. A few responders mentioned how they tried a TV show after
they saw the billboard ad. Another set of responders mentioned how they took a phone number or a
website address of a site which they saw on a billboard

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