Evaluation a need of the hour for marketing staff

 Evaluation a need of the hour for marketing staff
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For organisations, timely evaluation is a must to understand the current situation and to plan the growth plan for the future.
By K.G.S Nayar

Most marketing organisations today have the need to implement regular performance assessment of its staff. This, in turn, helps the organisation analyse the needs of its staff. Most organisations invest considerable time, energy for marketing staff. Each year an internal process starting from different designing systems is implemented to train people on
its usage. Few organisations outsource experts to provide updated developments.
Each year this internal process consumes a large amount of time for top leaderships and HR team. Performance appraisal meet of staff promotes competitiveness, objectivity and commitments. This nature of evaluation provides better results and improves the return on investments. Presently, most employees look for fair assessment of their performance outputs and are open to suggestions for changes in their working style and adapt according to situations. Changes need to be communicated at appropriate times so that employees can make amends accordingly. Feedback on day to day activity implementation is the best possible way for organisations to have a proper evaluation of their staff. The need for corrections, if needed, should be communicated by a higher authority. Organisations need to ensure that they motivate employees to reach the expectations of the organisation, and most important of all, don’t expect everyone to perform uniformly and be consistently all time. Most typical performance appraisals discussions followed by most organisations are
simply getting the boss and senior staff for a meeting where research is rarely done on the
topic at hand. Discussions are held with few generic inputs, offers, asking committees and
so on. It’s hardly surprising that it helps organisations in gaining a level of improvement in their performance. If day to day practice is made mandatory with fruitful conversations,
it can help bring positive results for employees and the organisation. Top officials
have to implement this and employees need to adapt to new concepts. Superiors need
to take care to be liberal in their conversations rather than focus on primarily in getting the
tasks completed. By adapting to modern technology, digitisation work progress and evaluations can be measured very accurately with actual numbers and keeping records
can help organisations have the reliability to set goals on a daily basis. It’s time to transform this possibility into a reality in which employees recognise what their achievement is and in turn motivate themselves into doing better or maintaining their performance. The management needs to use performance evaluation as integral part of salary hikes, incentives and bonus reimbursements. At present it is difficult to get right marketing staff as most of the young generation find it difficult to adapt to situations like meeting the targeted figures, field work, regular travelling and reporting to mention a few. So the organisations need to take care of their existing staffs that are consistent performers, top experienced officials to bring non-performers to the expected level by giving right guidance, training programs class room and on the field, effective motivation tactics to make them focus on the negatives. They need to study the character, attitude, behaviour, product knowledge,
loyalty to the organisation and the ability for teamwork and presentation skills, along with
sales skills and dress code to name a few. As marketing is the backbone of organisations,
marketing staffs should get updated time to time for better result without hurting their ego. Marketing strategy varies from organisations to organisations, products to products. That is why adapting to the field is needed and hiring a professional help will yield more success. Finally, organisations need to look at their senior staff too.

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