The new trends in advertising during ……..Covid 19

 The new trends in advertising during ……..Covid 19
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The virus mighT have adversely affecTed The adverTising indusTry. however new Trends are emerging showing The revival of indusTry. sample a few adverTising ideas ThaT successfully feaTured The signs of revival

one among the many industries to get affected with Covid 19 was the advertising industry. Since most nations imposed lock downs to spread the curb of virus, the production of several companies took a halt. As a result most companies immediately cancelled their future advertisements. The brands which
are wise still kept on advertising and branding activities as they know how ceasing all advertising options at once could affect negatively the brand.

Lifebuoy, the hygiene brand from Hindustan Unilever (HUL) had released
a public service initiative in the national dailies which created rave reviews for the brand. Created by advertising agency Lowe Lintas, the print campaign is a simple text which begins with ‘This is not

an ad. This is a public service message.’ It goes on to explain an easy guide to take precautions against coronavirus. The brand urges people to use ‘FIGHTS’ which translates to frequent hand washing with soap, instant germ-kill with alcohol based sanitizer, home rest if feeling unwell, tissues and masks to be used if feeling unwell and staying away from raw meat.

However what shook the industry was that the brand went on to mention

This is arguably the first time the brand has included its competitors in its communication

its key competitors such as Lux, Dettol, Santoor and Godrej No 1 and urges people to buy any soap they have access to. This is arguably the first time the brand has included its competitors in its communication. Earlier Lifebuoy has been actively promoting awareness for diarrhea through ‘Help a Child Reach 5’ campaign series.

The PSA from Lifebuoy was shared widely among the social media.
Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp it reached even more people. “Great initiative to advertise
the importance of hand wash and a big hurray for mentioning other leading soap brands in the ad. First time one has seen this,” tweeted Ambi M G Parameswaran, brand strategist and founder of Brand-

“We have increased our efforts to ensure that consumers’ hygiene needs are fulfilled. We have also redoubled our efforts to educate consumers about proper hygiene habits as well as providing them with access to products that keep them safe such as Lifebuoy soap, hand sanitizers and home care products like Domex which kill disease-causing germs,” said HUL spokesperson.

Earlier in March, HUL had committed Rs.100 crore to help in combating the coronavirus pandemic. “In the public interest, HUL is reducing the prices of Lifebuoy sanitizers, Lifebuoy Liquid handwash and Domex floor cleaners by 15%. We are commencing production of these reduced- priced products immediately and these will be available in the market in the next few weeks,” HUL said in a statement. “HUL has also ramped up the production of Lifebuoy sanitizers, Lifebuoy Handwash liquid and Domex Floor Cleaners and is committed
to scaling it up even further in the coming

weeks,” it added. HUL had also committed to donate 2 crore pieces of Lifebuoy soaps in the next few months to the sections of the society which need it the most.

HUL CMD Sanjiv Mehta said,” In a crisis like this Companies have a big role to play. We are working closely with the Governments and our partners to ensure that we overcome this global health crisis together.”

Together we shall overcome

Another advertisement which caught attention in the state was
the newspaper ad appeared in the Kerala edition of leading English
and Malayalam dailies where
the prominent players in various sectors jointly advertised on a Full page. Prominent digital retail store MyG which has got more than 75 stores across Kerala, Ajmal Bismi Enterprise which has got more

than 13 electronics outlets apart from the hypermarts across the
state and Fone4 digital retail store with more than 50 stores in Kerala and Karnataka jointly advertised in the front page after the lock down
to inform that they were open on Sundays. The advertisement urged customers only to step out of
house only when required and to use a mask and to practise social distancing. It also assures that the stores are open following all the safety precautions prescribed by the Health officials and the authorities. For customers who don’t wish to go out can also opt for home deliveries after paying for their desired product.

The advertisement carried the logo of three groups with the pictures of their respective Chairman and MD.

Another sector which effectively utilised the scope of joint advertising was the jewellery group. Usually
the time of Akshaya Tritiya jewellery stores across the state witness high business. However this year it came on the time of lock down announced in the state and few jewellery retailers in the state came up with ideas to
sell gold jewellery online. In Kerala, Bhima group, Joy Alukkas group and Malabar Gold and Diamonds group jointly advertised in the front page announcing their websites are open with the full collection. Customers can buy their desired jewellery from the website online and the purchase voucher will be mailed to them instantly and they can collect the jewellery when the stores are open after the lock down. The web address of the three jewellery groups was given in bold letters.

please join online

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