The necessity of advertising / branding activities COVID-19 in India

 The necessity of advertising / branding activities COVID-19 in India
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Pradeesh Easwar, Co Founder & Managing Director, BLIK DOOH Innovations Pvt Ltd

The importance of OOH

In my personal opinion OOH is one of the few areas which can never be disrupted. It will bounce
back for sure. In YouTube or OTT platform, advertising can be avoided if you subscribe to premium
services. Or in a TV, you can change the channel to avoid advertisements. But OOH can never be
turned off. I deal with various verticals like newspaper advertisements, TV commercials, social media
marketing and OOH. Among all, I personally prefer OOH to be the most effective. I’m quite sure that
the current Covid 19 situation is temporary. OOH will survive in new formats until people have
mobility. Until we have roads and transportation facilities available, OOH will be there. For the next
100 years, OOH will not face any major challenges.
One thing we must take care of now is the rent of billboards. We have to pay the rent to landowners
where the billboards are located. Remember that we must maintain a good relation with them.
Covid 19 has affected our business as well as theirs.
We need to update ourselves to see the challenges of post Covid 19 situation. Maintain transparency
and trust with our clients. Innovations are part of the industry and we must accept it. We should
think how modern technology can be incorporated with OOH.

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