The advantages of choosing OOH as an advertising medium

 The advantages of choosing OOH as an advertising medium
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OOH is undoubtedly one of the most favourite mediums of advertising for most brands. It is inevitable for most brands while advertising. Even when the new mediums pose challenges, OOH still has many loyal fan bases. Here is Misbah Salam, a known OOH Media Marketing Specialist talks on why he prefers OOH medium than other mediums

I recommend Out of Home (OOH) advertising to be included in any brand’s media plan. In fact, no other media is as influential as OOH when it comes in creating a unique brand identity.  

We can’t skip OOH advertising. In fact, we can’t control OOH in the sense that newspapers or magazines ads can be folded so as not to be seen or radio or TV ads which can be switched off or digital ads can be blocked according to your preference. OOH has no such restrictions. If you are out of your home, then OOH is sure to capture your attention. 

Another thing which makes OOH favourite to advertisers is the freedom which it provides for the creativity. A newspaper or magazine ad has space constraints while the digital ads have time slot issues. OOH is larger than any of these and creates an impact in our mind in the first view itself. The sheer size of OOH itself creates news and thus works as advertising for the brand. 

OOH has been proven as one of the most influential in point of purchase. It creates a strong brand recall value in our minds. It is also a cost effective way of advertising which works 24×7 unlike a newspaper ad which has only a life of a single day while a magazine ad has just one month.  

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