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An innovative Branding 3D Structure of LG Washing Machine

An innovative 3D Structure of LG Washing Machine is planned at all the entrances including the parking entrance lot to ensure 100% reach at Punjagutta, Hyderabad Next Mall. It covers all the escalators, entrance areas and the parking gateway. The very fact that in couple of days it has literally become a selfie points to […]Read More

Digital and FMCG brands are the top advertisers for IPL

IPL 2020 matches are heLd wIth no sPectators at Uae. star IndIa, the offIcIaL broadcaster of the match Is now exPectIng record vIewershIP and advertIsIng revenUe to the tUne of rs.3500 crore According to reports, Star Sports had reportedly generatedover Rs.3000 crore from advertisement revenues from IPL last edition. It is said that Star for […]Read More

OOH advertising in a pocket-friendly way

Mobile vehicle display branding or mobile billboard vehicles is one among the many trends emerging in OOH. It is extremely effective in grabbing attention of the potential target audience Researches point out that mobile billboard vehicles are twice as effective as standard billboards when it comes to grabbing the attention of consumers and as well […]Read More

The irreplaceable medium aiding indoor and outdoor communication

For indoor and outdoor communication, LED’s have now become inevitable. Digital signage, back lit channel letters / boxes etc now use LED so as to save cost and to improve in design The customisation of various LED products for specific purposes has fuelled the growth of the LED industry. The outdoor advertising was quick to […]Read More