If necessity is the mother of all inventions failure is the father

 If necessity is the mother of all inventions failure is the father
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Kerala advertising industries association (Kaia) conducted a webinar on the topic ‘how a businessman should face 2020?’ on July 14, 2020. leading motivational speaKer adv a v vamana Kumar led the webinar from Kochi marriott hotel. on the context of pandemic, the webinar boosted the morale of the advertising industry and out of home advertising (ooh) industry. excerpts from the inspiring talK given by adv a v vamana Kumar:

Covid 19 has created a conflict among us. To
protect ourselves we need to remain at home. To earn our livelihood we need to go out. It is more or less life or livelihood. We are going through a time of uncertainty. One thing I must note is that the requirement of any business to rebuild is the positive hope that you can come back again. If you don’t have that confidence there is no way you could rebuild your business whatever means you try. Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and face challenges. It brings new opportunities. Let me put it this way- Push the COW. The COW stands for Comfort, Overconfidence and Worries. You need to push it out. In short, you need to push yourself out from your comfort zone with confidence and no worries. There are only two kinds of

problems in the world- one which we can solve and the other which we can’t solve. If you can solve the problem, they you need not worry about it. If you can’t solve it through any means, what is the use of worrying over it?

Every business sector is affected by Covid 19. In fact it has brought down a paradigm shift in all sectors. In such a situation, adaptation is the key to survive and success. I won’t say that you will
be an overnight success if you take
the ‘digital’ advertising. But you need
to think out of the box to be ahead of the rest. And you need to think and act fast. Because we are gone witness the survival of the ‘fastest’. You also need to be a serious entrepreneur who manages the cash outflow and increases the
cash inflow. Judging by the situation,
I think an immunity passport will be a mandatory travel document for most

countries. In a few countries, it is already in place for certain diseases. We can be ahead of this by making it available for employees so that they are not vulnerable to diseases and thereby incur us lost working days.

To lead and unite a responsible outdoor advertising industry in Kerala that is committed to serving the needs of advertisers, consumers and the public is the vision of the organisation KAIA. Your quality of ideas can take you to new heights. Look around you have many examples. Elon Musk (CEO of SpaceX), Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Facebook), Reed Hastings (CEO, Netflix)… all
had quality ideas which made them build business empires. Setbacks are common for any business. Let me point out the example of Sri Lankan cricketer Marvan Atapattu. In his first test match

• • • • •

Endure the present Visualise the future Optimise resources Learn the new way
Value your values Energise with excitement

Be the agent of change. Those who do not change will perish. Those who change after change will survive. Those who change with change will succeed. Those who cause change will lead.

In 1666 September, the city
of London witnessed a fire which came to known as the Great Fire of London. One-third of London was destroyed. Among the homes and shops perished under the fire was a small one room shop of a merchant. After the fire was under control, the merchant went to the place where his shop stood and found nothing but
a pile of burned woods and debris. He took a wood and wrote on it and hanged it at the place where his shop stood. It read: ‘Only the shop is burned not hope! Will be reopened in 3 months.’ You need to have such confidence. If necessity is the mother of all inventions, failure is the father.

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after being selected to national team, he couldn’t score a single run. As
a result he was removed from the national team. He made a comeback through domestic cricket after 21 months and got qualified again to

be part of the national team. In the subsequent match, his score was
just one run from two innings. Again he was removed from the team. But he made a comeback by playing
hard in the domestic cricket and
soon found a place in the national team after 17 months. But he failed again in the national team unable to score even one run from two innings. He was a chartered accountant by profession and could have left playing cricket since he lost three precious opportunities. But he again made a comeback to national team through hard work after three years and become the captain of Sri Lankan Test Cricket Team with six double centuries and more than 5500 runs in the test.

You might have also heard about V G Siddhartha, Founder of Cafe Coffe Day who committed suicide after he had a few setbacks in the business. One of the most important qualities you need to acquire while getting into business is to face challenges with confidence.

For some time now we all must

focus on not on profits but on volumes. Instead of asking what I can do, ask what we can do.

Seven steps to ensure success in business
• You must take care of your

• Employees will take care of the

• Service takes care of the

• Customers takes care of the

• Profit takes care of the re-

• Re-investment takes care of the

• Re-invention takes care of the

Change ensures better range.

A butterfly is born only when it undergoes the hardships of coming through its cocoon. If it remains to be a cocoon it is discarded by all. As I said, our business model might also need a change. Make Covid 19 a leverage to do it.

There is no doubt that Covid 19 has disrupted every business model. Take the case of flex ban. Time has come for change in OOH industry. There was a time when flex wasn’t there in the advertising industry. Our industry has already moved over
to textile from flex for printing. Time

will inevitably bring new things that are low cost and not harmful to the environment. New inventions will surely take place.

The EVOLVE mantra:page2image19670320

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