G9 Advertising, the unrivalled pioneer in the art of digital printing and OOH

 G9 Advertising, the unrivalled pioneer in the art of digital printing and OOH
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established in 1998 as a small-scale advertising unit, g9 advertising has spread its Wings and is noW one of the leading advertising agencies in south india. embracing technology and the latest Printing deVices, it continues its successful run in the industry setting unparalleled milestones

When it comes to large billboards in prominent places and cities at Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
and Kerala, the reliable name that springs up in the mind for corporate companies, national and local brands is G9 Advertising at Bengaluru, Karnataka. With billboards at the most eye-catching places in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, G9 Advertising is one of the leading outdoor branding companies
in South India which has its Kerala operations under Aim Ads and Events Co.

Cera, Eastern, V-Guard, V-Star, Raymond, Jockey… the number of national and corporate brands who seek the help of G9 Advertising to take their brand campaigns to consumers

is innumerable. Equipped with the latest printing devices and equipments, G9 Advertising keeps the faith of these prestigious brands
by its prompt service. From printing to installation of different OOH products, G9 Advertising and Aim Ads and Events Co has got dedicated teams and skilled set of workers.

Established as an exclusive outdoor media buying and advertising agency, within a short span of time, G9 Advertising
rose to one of the leading OOH solution providers in Karnataka. Now with a glorious tradition
of more than 20 years in the field of outdoor advertising, G9 Advertising offers the latest option and information about outdoor media across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala to all those
clients who want to execute outdoor advertising campaigns to promote their brands during the product launch and the periodical promotional campaigns for sustained product visibility, enhancement and continuous brand recall in the market.

Unlike the other OOH solution providers who typically suggest
the most expensive plans for their
brand promotion irrespective of their budget, G9 Advertising provides recommendation of suitable media plans across all the main cities and other prime locations in the cities and execution of campaigns. The recommendation often helps the client to choose from the different media plans which suits their budget and brand. The clients will also be updated on a periodic manner about

the status of each campaign along with the pictures of the sites as per the need of the client.

Another factor which contributed to the success of G9 Advertising was its ability to meet all the demands of clients under one roof. Since G9 Advertising has got several large size billboards at most prime locations and cities across the three different states, the problem
of acquiring rights to billboards of other OOH solution providers never arises. Most advertising agencies and OOH solution providers will have to seek help of other OOH solution providers when a pan South Indian campaign is planned whereas G9 Advertising had no such problem. As a well experienced outdoor media provider, G9 Advertising is the right choice for leading outdoor media buying and operating agencies or clients to execute their campaigns successfully.

The success mantra

Acquiring the latest technology and staying updated about the development in the industry is what

sets G9 Advertising apart from many
of its competitors. G9 Advertising was always in the forefront of acquiring the latest printing devices and technology in South India. The people behind
the organisation always stay updated about the news concerning the printing solution providers, OOH and signage industry. G9 Advertising makes sure that they don’t miss various national and international exhibitions related to media, OOH, printing devices and signage. Roland, Mimaki, Konica… you name
it, G9 Advertising has got it! Almost all the leading printing technologies are

introduced at the earliest to cater the customers.

Apart from the hoardings, G9 Advertising offers its service in other OOH areas. It has got the sole advertising rights of several bus shelters at in the major cities of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Many corporate, national and local brands also rely on G9 Advertising for in-shop advertising
in their stores. The latest printing equipments and skilled workers ensure that the work of the campaigns are completed in time.

Setting a footstep for others to follow

G9 Advertising is also in the forefront of acquiring eco-friendly technologies when it comes to printing. Even before the governments started imposing bans on the harmful PVC flex, it took efforts to know the latest technology which could work as an alternative to PVC flex. Last year itself G9 Advertising introduced paper and cloth / textile printing which won’t harm the environment. When the customer response to it was minimal, G9 Advertising took special efforts to find out alternative medium. The search

ended in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu where two companies provided alternative
to harmful PVC flex- which was both biodegradable and eco-friendly medium. G9 Advertising even visited their plants in Tamil Nadu to know more about them. Satisfied with the product, it introduced them to the industry even though many were hesitant to the change.

To take care of its vast clientele G9 Advertising runs its office 24 hours. Care has also taken to acquire the
latest software along with the hardware required in the industry. “Introducing the latest machinery related with signage and OOH is not because we want to be the first. Embracing latest technology helps us in saving time and effort for our customers. Not just customers but also employees. Take for instance whereby in the past it took a long time to print large size of hoardings. All the time

the employees must have to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Also, the other set of workers who need to put
it as a hoarding have to wait. With the advanced machines now we are able to save time. Customers and employees are happy,” says a senior employee associated with G9 Advertising Co.

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